The most dazzling application of the engineering machine! Let's understand Holographic projection

Special town, history museum, enterprise Exhibition Hall... The case is really too much. Engineering projection, new interest, holographic projection, absolutely let party a amazing, let the audience admire.
Unlike ordinary projection technology, holographic projection can be projected on air or solid, and can present 360 degree visible 3D stereoscopic effect. A simple explanation is that it can really present an intangible entity.

This is the first pipeline you see in holographic projection: the movie scene. For example, the stereoscopic map of alien tribes in Afanda.

For example, the drafting of three-dimensional sketches in iron man.

For example "blade runner 2046" stereo perfect lover.

These are the impressions in the film, and few in reality say that I've seen real holographic projection because some of the ways you don't expect it to be holographic.
Also said that in fact we have seen.
It's a well-known example is the 2016 that remarkable G20 summit in Hangzhou. At the West Lake literary and art party for the heads of 20, a group of ballet dancers dedicate a "technology route" to the water ballet, carefully watching that you will find that the dancing ballet dancers are not all real, the holographic projection of a number of stereoscopic dancers, contributing half of the dance.

It's amazing. Let's see it again.

Then we look at other cases.There's such a butterfly wing.

There are also the popular wedding Crystal Palace in recent years.

How did this magic operation happen? First we have to understand the technical principle of holographic projection.
"Holographic projection" is the technique of using the principle of interference and diffraction to record and reproduce the real three-dimensional images of an object.
It sounds a bit difficult to understand. Interference and diffraction means to process the local light through the light processing. In theory, the light and dark waves will be formed.
So we know at least one thing, that "holographic projection" is actually a interaction between a light and a shadow, but the conclusion of how it is produced is still unclear.
It dates back under the holographic projection of past life.
In 1947, British physicist Dennis Gabor accidentally invented holographic projection when studying the means of enhancing the performance of the electron microscope, which quickly applied for a patent and won the 1971 Nobel prize in physics.














In simple terms, as long as the image has enough brightness to project on a semi solid medium, the "semi real" medium lets the light be interfered and refracted and the "semi permeable" medium lets the light diffract. In fact, we see the image reflected on the medium, but because the media is invisible or the medium is ignored, only the image is seen. So, there will be vividly effect.
The principle is basically the same as "mirage". The high brightness image is refracted to the semi solid and semi permeable medium, and it has been diffracted to the visible range of people, so it becomes such a psychedelic appearance.

After Dennis Gerber put forward this theory and technology in 1947, the application range stayed in the academic researchof more than 10 years. Until the laser was discovered in 1960, the development of projection technology became more and more mature, and the commercial application of holographic projection was put on the agenda.

Basically, laser has achieved enough brightness,but in order to make the mirage beautiful and stable, projection medium is very important. How can we use medium to create a holographic projection with fine effect, stability and less expensive cost? The holographic film was created at this time.

The holographic film, which came out in 2001, reflected the holographic image with a transparent film of high transparency (>85%), and because the surrounding light was dark, the film itself was not clear, so it could be true.
Its specific way is to tilt the holographic film 45 degrees, and projection it through the bottom or top device to refract on one or several holographic films. The viewing effect is more realistic, and the holographic effect can be seen at a greater angle. The service providers that provide the 360°, 270°, and 180° 3D holographic projection scheme are choosing a different number of holographic films.

The most famous case of Chinese singing is the "Jay Chou Teresa Teng" program. For the "Resurrection" generation, Teresa Teng, the Hollywood special effect production team "digital kingdom" uses virtual image reconstruction technology and holographic projection technology to conquer the three major problems of "shape, language and hair". By constantly revised versions of 100, and finally let the late days after Jay Chou concert in 3 minutes and 30 seconds. ".

It is precisely because the holographic film and the projector generated the holographic effect of exquisite clarity, lifelike, and the cost is not too high, so it is often seen in the exhibition hall, the stage performance, the museum, the fashion show.

For example, the Expo of Shanghai international science popular products, introducing the model of holographic projection science fiction and science fiction "three bodies" into the science fair, presenting the red bank base in the novel, making use of light and shadow refraction to create a fantastic sense of space, is a major innovation in the way of science popularization.






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