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Zhongshan HeTong Optics Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

Founded in January 2016, it is a high-tech modern Taiwan funded enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales, and passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification in 2021.

With more than 20 years of laser module production experience and high-quality and imported raw materials, it is mainly engaged in the production and sales of laser products, such as visible laser module, infrared laser module and PM2 5 sensor laser module, intelligent robot sensing laser module, smart home sensing laser module, face recognition sensing laser module, rangefinder laser module, thermometer laser module, high-power laser, etc.

At present, the products of Hetong optoelectronics are widely used in various lamps, tools and instruments such as laser lamps, intelligent robots, smart homes, various sensors, thermometers and rangefinders. It has also been designated to use laser modules by several famous foreign brand enterprises, and has always been in a leading position in the industry.

We take quality first and customer first as our business philosophy, and become the leader in this industry with professional technology. More mature process flow to reduce production costs, provide customers with the most favorable price and the best service, and solve all the worries of customers.



Establish a good relationship with employees, pay attention to the physical and mental cultivation of employees, and fully respect and trust employees,

Based on user needs, strive to exceed user expectations and create maximum value for users,

It is committed to promoting the healthy development of the laser industry and working with partners to become an international leading enterprise,

Surpass the sole goal of profit, be an enterprise needed by the society and actively give back to the society.

Business philosophy:

Quality first, unlimited value, focusing on effective application solutions and services required by customers

Sense of worth:

Integrity: adhere to professional ethics and maintain the positive image of the company

Enterprising: pay attention to learning, quality and continuous improvement

Cooperation: complementary advantages and harmonious development

Innovation: constantly improve the creative way of thinking and systematic epistemology

Management philosophy:

Improve the employee training system and career development channel, provide a good working environment and incentive mechanism for employees, constantly guide, encourage and care for employees, and continuously improve employees' sense of identity, achievement, belonging and honor to the enterprise brand.

Patent certificate

1. Customize all laser products

Communication → design → proofing → confirmation → production

2. Solve all customer problems related to laser

(1) Selection of laser wavelengths (2) Use power evaluation (3) product application (4) structural design (5) finished product (6) others

3. Provide pre-sales and after-sales services for customers' products

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